Why You'll Love SwitchGlo Pro

Why You'll Love SwitchGlo Pro...
In the simplest term: Convenience!

Installation is easy;
SwitchGlo Pro will accept any voltage input between 4V and 9V

SwitchGlo Pro's new 4 switch SIP allows you to adjust for every possible installation and program mix. From Helicopter and buggy setups lacking an available receiver channel, to Airplane looking for extended glow. SwitchGlo Pro can do it all.

Operation is easy;
SwitchGlo Pro is ready to work for you every time you power on your craft. Simply toggle on and off your glow from your Transmitter, and/or use the optional pushbutton mounted to your craft.

You can program mix your SwitchGlo to activate automatically with a throttle position for taxing and final approach.

No more will carry a ni-starter around, or borrow someone else's. No more will you struggle with
broken remote cables, or dead batteries.


  • Works with existing onboard battery 4V to 9V
  • Toggle glow on and off at start-up or In-flight
  • Activate on low-throttle using transmitter program mix
  • Eliminates "Hot  Starts" using transmitter program mix
  • Selectable 15 second auto shut-off or always ON (V6 fw)
  • Built in servo reverser for Y harness compatibility
  • Mutable audible alert and LED indicates glow
  • Audible alert can assist in locating lost craft
  • Optional Pushbutton mountable onboard for 12 sec. glow
  • Pushbutton intelligent counting adds 12 sec. of glow every push up to 5 pushes
  • Optional Pushbutton usable with Transmitter or without
  • Increases life of plugs with proprietary intelligent glow
  • Optimal glow at any supply voltage
  • Compatible with any transmitter / receiver combination
  • Epoxy filled for durability and vibration immunity
  • Easy installation, lightweight, maintenance free
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  Watch for more highly efficient R/C electronics from SwitchGlo in the future!